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Audi FIS Ski World Cup Herren Nacht Slalom Flachau Audi FIS Ski World Cup Herren Nacht Slalom Flachau

10.01.2023 |


SAVE THE DATE: The next Audi FIS Ski World Cup Flachau will be on 16.01.2024

How to get to Flachau


Arriving by Car

It's easy to get here. In the heart of Austria, at the centre of Europe - you can reach Flachau easily via the A10 Tauern motorway (exit 66) - from Germany / Holland via Munich and Salzburg, from Italy via Villach and Spittal. By plane you can fly to Salzburg airport and book your train ticket to Radstadt / Salzburger Land (fast train station).

Route Map

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Arrival by plane

Numerous airlines take you to Flachau via Salzburg Airport. Salzburg Airport W. A. ​​Mozart is Austria's largest regional airport. Cheap transfer taxis will take you from the airport to Flachau.


Arriving by train

Your station for your journey by train is Radstadt (approx. 12 km from Flachau)
Than you can either take the bus or a taxi to Flachau.

You can find train timetables at:

Österreichische Bundesbahn 

Deutsche Bahn

Schweizerische Bundesbahn

Ferrovie Italiane

Flachauer Shuttle and Taxi


Taxi 3000 

+ 43 (0) 6457 3000  


Taxi Huber 

+ 43 (0) 6457 2402   




Taxi Reiter 

+ 43 (0) 6457 2900